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In 2017, I launched Lynz Education to provide numeracy consultancy support to schools and teachers in Australia. I want to stop the struggle and anxiety in primary maths classrooms by teaching teachers what works, so students can 'get' maths and leave school numerate.  I have focused my 30+ year education career on helping students to have a positive experience of learning. 

I have taken my research and made it practical for teachers and parents. I'm sharing it in short, easy-to-access, easy-to-apply online courses.  The list of courses will continue to grow over time.  You may even request a topic if you like.  Check out our Online Learning section. 


I've also blended my research and experience into teaching resources for classroom use. All students can participate in these activities and with careful questioning, you can extend every student’s maths thinking!  Check out my PowerPoint resources for classroom use.  


As we know, not all students 'get' Maths easily.  One of the reasons for that is that they have not had the opportunity to gain the number sense they need and the mathematical language understanding that develops in parallel with it.  I've been researching and trialling number sense interventions for over a decade, and I've developed a one-to-one intensive support program for students that can be individualised to meet the starting point of the students you are working with.  Check out the LINDA (Lynz Intervention Numeracy Drill Activities) program in our Lynz Education Resources. 

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Lynelle Campbell

Director | Founder 


2021 - Present

University of Newcastle

Currently, I'm completing my PhD research on developing and assessing the efficacy of a Tier 3 number sense intervention for students at risk of mathematical failure in the early years of school. 

2009 - 2011

University of Sydney

I completed a Masters by research on the efficacy of the Number Worlds program to improve the number sense of students in Kindergarten as a Tier 3 intervention. 


University of Melbourne

I added a Graduate Diploma in Special Education to my primary teacher training so that I could be prepared with strategies that would work to help all students learn. 

Orange Dots

Past Presentations


Queensland Maths Teachers Conference

Developing Number Sense  

  • In the Early Years

  • In the Middle Years


Sharing Best Practice in Literacy & Numeracy

Research confirms that number sense is essential to mathematical understanding…but what is it and how can we teach it?

RIDBC (Royal Institute of Deaf & Blind Children, Renwick Centre – Teachers of the Deaf National Conference

Taking research into classroom practice: Practical applications of effective numeracy instruction for students with hearing loss.

AAMT (Australian Association of Maths Teachers),  National Conference (Brisbane)

Co-Presenter: Joyce Tan, RIDBC Garfield Barwick

What impact does a change in belief and practices provide for a student with hearing loss? 

A journey of change to improve students’ numeracy results.


Successful Learning Conference (Sydney University)

“Practical applications of effective numeracy instruction for all students: taking research into classroom practice.”

ACEL (Australian Council of Educational Leadership) Disability Leadership Summit

“Using RTI ensures no child is left behind in numeracy”.

K-8 Mathematics Conference, NSW Maths Association

  • “Number Sense: The Essential Ingredient of a K-2 Mathematics Lesson – Years K-2” 

  • “Number Sense: Essential for Success in Primary and Middle Years Mathematics Classrooms- Years 3-8”.


Successful Learning Conference (Sydney University)

Co-Presenter: SiSi Yang, RIDBC Garfield Barwick

Co-Presenter: Julia Bowen, RIDBC Garfield Barwick

“Challenging ‘labels’ and expecting improvement for all – teachers working together to improve numeracy results”

Successful Learning Conference (Sydney University)

Co-Presenter: Meredith Longfield, Nowra Christian College

5 habits of Highly Effective Numeracy Teachers”


AIS (Association of Independent Schools) NSW – Special Education Conference

Co-Presenter: Nancy Rezk, St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Colleg

Co-Presenter: Angela John, St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox College

“Number Sense: Can we test for it? Can we teach it? Why is it important that ALL teachers are aware of it?”


AASE (Australian Association of Special Education) National Conference

Co-Presenter: Associate Professor David Evans, Sydney University

“Identifying and teaching number sense in the first two years at school.  Preventing Numeracy Difficulties in Young Children: Universal approach to supporting all students”.


Successful Learning Conference (Sydney University)

“Number Sense:  What is it? Can we assess it? Can we teach it?”


I am delighted to write a testimonial on behalf of Lynelle Campbell and her work with staff and students at my school. At all times I have found Lynelle to be extremely professional, thorough and dedicated. Lynelle is an expert in her field and has the ability to easily communicate and share her knowledge with staff.

Lynelle’s ongoing consultancy made a positive difference to our staff in how to assess and monitor student’s growth and development in number sense.

Lynelle’s expertise in this area made an enormous difference to my staff in their understanding of student needs and the explicit teaching of number sense significantly contributed to students’ improved results in mathematics. I am very much looking forward to Lynelle providing consultancy support to the staff at my new school.

Dean Smith, Head of Primary, William Clarke College, Kellyville, Sydney, NSW

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